When and how can I pause my account?

Last updated
Tuesday, December 29, 2020 - 09:44

Why should I pause my account? 

This option is available for when you need to stop receiving TeamBeats for a certain period of time.


For example, during Annual Leave, Sick Leaves or any period of time when you won’t be able to answer the TeamBeat.

Why do we recommend this option?

By pausing your account, the Participation Rate of your Team is not affected by your absence.


1. Go to app.teameq.net.

2. Click on “Team Settings” from the menu on the left.

3. Find your user and click on the “pause” icon (pause your account) in the row that corresponds with your user. Once activated, the icon will change to “play”.


4. Once you are back, click on the icon “play”. You will start receiving your TeamBeats.

TeamMates can manage their own user.  TeamLeaders can pause and reactivate all team members.

Suggestion: if you know that your team will not be working for a certain period of time (August holidays, for example), we recommend you to write to info@teameq.net and request to pause your entire team. (This process is easier than pausing each team member).

Pausing and un-pausing a user or team is different if you are a ProjectLeader. As a Project Leader you can manage all Teams on the “My company” section.  

To learn more, read this article “Managing all of your company’s teams”.