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Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 16:36

Welcome and thanks for choosing TeamEQ!

In this section we address the more technical side of TeamEQ and everything that can be done to personalize the personal profile, manage or create new teams.

It is here that we really mark out the difference between the different TeamEQ roles. Everybody sees the same results, but not everyone can manage the same team features. While not all of the user types have the same features, in order not to overcomplicate things and to remain focused on the most important aspect of every user, we recommend that changes are always communicated, or better still, that all the steps in the TeamEQ experience are defined together.

For example, if a team member moves to another team, it is advisable to go over it with him/her so that the registration to the new team is completed correctly. Or if a team changes from fortnightly to monthly it is important to notify team members about this change in order to address any doubts that may emerge about how to do it.

In this section we talk about the differences in the roles on the platform and the functions that each one has.