How to delete a user

Last updated
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 - 12:45

Teams are dynamic entities. Sometimes you will need to add a new member and others, delete them. TeamEQ offers you the possibility to easily manage your Teams from the site My team”

Only the TeamLeader can invite the Observers or delete Team Members. You can read more about this on the article “Managing your platform”.

To delete TeamMates or Observers go to and click on “My team” in the side menu bar in the section marked “Configuration”.  Then, click on the icon “eliminate” that you can see in the image above and then confirm it.

A mail will be sent out to the user informing him/her of this change.

If you are a Project Leader, go to  “My company” where you can manage all your teams.  To find out more go to the article: “Manage all of your company’s teams”. You can radd more about on: “Managing all of your company’s teams”.