Guide - The structure of the teams

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Monday, November 9, 2020 - 13:20

The structure of Teams on TeamEQ can be customized to every company’s needs.

We highly recommend that the Team structure on the Platform corresponds to the “real” Team Structure, so that data is as accurate as possible.

Every Team will answer their own TeamBeat, and every user will have access to the data and results of the team or teams he/she belongs to. 

Team size

As mentioned before, we recommend that the size and structure of the Teams corresponds to the real ones.

Be aware that results will only be displayed when the participation is at least 50% of the Team members.  

The structure of the organization

As occurs naturally in many organizations, in the TeamEQ Platform the same person can belong to different teams at the same time and play different roles in each team: For example, you can be a TeamLeader of your own Team, and be a TeamMember in another Team.

We recommend you read the following article in order to understand each role:

 Below you can find an example of a team’s structure

In this structure you can see 5 different teams. The first one is led by the CEO and the TeamMates are the directors of each department. At the same time, each director leads his/her own team, which includes the employees of each department. 

This structure allows each TeamLeader to receive data from their Team’s TeamBeats. This way, each TeamLeader will be able to customize their decisions according to the real data they receive.

A suggestion could be to invite the CEO as an observer for each Team, so that she/he can see the results of each Team without the need to participate in their TeamBeats.  

Another possibility is to split the Logistics Department into Day-Shift Team and Night Shift Team, The TeamLeader remains the same person for both Teams, though she/he can take different actions depending on the specific needs of each Shift/Team.  



Structure by project

It is becoming increasingly common that a Team is created for a specific project. In the company’s structure the people belong to different Teams, however for a specific project they all are part of the same Team.

TeamEQ helps you to monitor this new Team. All you need to do is to create the structure in the platform.


Once you have decided which structure is the most appropriate for your teams, create the teams in the platform.

In the following link you can see how to create the Teams in TeamEQ:

Any TeamLeader can create new teams even if the project has already started. Visit this link to discover how to do it: 

You can create new teams at any time. Visit the link to see how: