The TeamEQ Academy

Last updated
Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 14:28

The TeamEQ Academy is an evolving space open to all TeamEQ users to facilitate the continuous improvement of their EQ skills. Available 24/7 and multilingual; now, “never done learning” can become not only a saying but a reality. This continuous learning is key to the improvement and development of teams and companies alike. Within TeamEQ Academy you will find many resources, articles, publications, videos, research, opinion leader interventions, trainers' advice and much more, which will give you the tools to work on your leadership skills and directly address the results obtained from your team through the TeamBeats®.


TeamEQ Academy
  • Available 24/7 and multilingual
  • Resources, articles, videos, courses, TedTalks, advice from coaches and more
  • Addresses a wide range of topics
  • You will be able to select content based on your interests

The actions selected with visible in your action plan where you can leave comments and personal notes. The platform will alert you if your content has been input correctly and will provide you with a corresponding link. 


Your leader will be able to add new actions directly to your team’s action plan which will be automatically visible to every team member.