The TeamBeat questions

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Monday, November 30, 2020 - 11:41

The TeamBeat®, is the pulse of your Team, and consists on some quick questions that can be answered in less than 3 minutes.

So that is easier and more dynamic for you to answer, we have divided the questions into 2 Team Beats: TeamBeat Actions and TeamBeat Variables. You will receive them alternately.

Remember that TeamEQ guarantees your anonymity throughout every answer and feedback.  




 TeamBeat®: The questions

“Since the last TeamBeat, have you or your team/company taken any concrete actions based of its insights?”



This question refers to any concrete actions that have been taken by individuals or a group to improve the situation of the team and with help raise awareness of the measures that have been taken for the team’s betterment.


From now on you will be given the opportunity to consider which variables, of the 9 analyzed by TeamEQ, have been affected by changes that you have implemented since the previous TeamBeat®.

“Selected the TeamEQ variable which, in your opinion, has changed the most as a result of this action or plan”




From now on, you will find two new questions dedicated to measuring you see your team’s main strengths and weaknesses are. You will be asked to select three specific qualities to describe each.


Select 3 areas to highlight what you think needs to be improved upon in your team in order of priority”




If you don’t find the areas that you are looking for, you will be able to add more areas or add a custom tag "add another relevant area to the list"


After questions reflecting on your whole team, the new TeamBeat® features a few questions that highlight how you and your teammates feel as individuals. Such questions will allow you to freely contribute personal thoughts with anonymity.

Select three themes/areas that you consider key at this point of your life”



From now own you will be invited to share, with your own TeamLeader, a suggestion, reflection, or feedback, for the advancement of your team.

“Please, use this this space to share and send your TeamLeader any suggestions, reflections, or comments that you find relevant and could contribute to the betterment of all”


And, that the end, you are encouraged to share a message with your team on the TeamWall. This message can be anonymous or signed.

“Send an open message to the team!”



The 9 closed questions

The closed questions measure the 9 TeamEQ variables using a scale of 1-7 points.

These questions make a reference to your personal state (3 questions) and your perception of the team’s general state (6 questions). Example:

1) Personal valuation


2) Perception of the team



Thanks to the second kind of question called a “circular question”, TeamBeat does not only evaluate the individual’s perception but also that of the group. In this sense, the user has the opportunity to reflect on him or herself and the team as well, as long as he/she responds.

The circular question goes beyond the experience of the individual and pushes him/her to focus on the other. It enables comparison, and generates new ways of thinking and behaviors that help him/her to grow, learn and improve.

In order to explain and understand the motives behind the scores that users give to the 9 variables, TeamEQ has introduced the option of being able to select the key areas (that TeamEQ calls Topics) and send feedback / comments to the TeamLeader.

The concept of TRUST is very broad. To what aspect of trust does the evaluation, for example, of a 5 refer to? Is he/she thinking of the trust between TeamMates, trust in the Leader of the team or Trust in the organization?

The choice of one or several topics (key areas) by variable gives the TeamLeader an opportunity to know more precisely how his/her team is and to give each person more freedom to express their opinion as a result. In the event that none of the topics address exactly what the employee wants to express, it is possible to add personalized topics onto TeamBeat and to evaluate them. 

However, the best place to express an opinion without restrictions can be done via Feedback. It is an optional section that we recommend is answered, when convenient, because it adds more value to the team’s evaluations.

We believe that this feedback is a very valuable tool that can be used to gather suggestions for improvement and to learn about the strengths and areas of development that the team has, as a whole. This will make the team grow more quickly and improve communication between the Leader/members in a very fluid way. Every team member, on evaluating the 9 variables, can leave comments to the Team Leader with the optional, qualitative question that appears just below.


Your response, anonymous or signed, will appear in your section “Qualitative feedback” and also in in your TeamLeader’s. Moreover, the leader can answer your feedback and generate a conversation, giving even more value to it.

To find out more, read this article: “The intangible variables of TeamEQ“ 


The 2 periodic questions

4 times a year on TeamBeat, 2 questions will appear on the Employee Net Promoter Score that measure the probability of employees recommending the team and organization they work in to family or friends.



The average results of the team to these questions will only be shown in the Team Leader and Observer accounts, on their own page. To access it, click on “Employee Net Promoter Score” in the side menu bar in the category “Results”.

To find out more, you can read the article: “Employee Net Promoter Score”.