The Team Actions page

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 10:05

The actions feature helps to close the virtuous circle, in which the teams give feedback, visualize results that are easy to interpret and obtain and / or propose recommendations based on those areas that will allow them to learn and improve as a team.

This feature adds more transparency, more decisions based on data and more collaboration to the platform. Once the improvement areas have been identified, the TeamEQ platform automatically suggests adapted actions so that leaders and employees can act on the feedback they have given previously. In this way, TeamEQ creates a more effective way to improve those things that matter to employees in their day to day, and help develop better leaders within organizations, thanks to what they learn by performing these actions.



Identify your priorities

To start with, we suggest you browse the platform so you can have a general view of what happens in your team/s. This browsing can move from most general to most specific. From the evolution in time of the variables and subvariables, to the last Teambeat. Browsing like this will make you more aware of those variables that are consistent over time or those that require attention because a key event may have occurred in the previous week.

From here, using the Evolution Beat or Weekly Beat pages, being a Team Leader, if you identify a priority that requires an action, you can click on "action plan" and go directly to the "team actions" page, where you can propose an action that you have thought about or choose from those that the platform suggests, based on your results.




Act and set priorities, add an action

From the "team actions" page you can create your own action or if you are Team Leader, an action suggested by the platform, which you can also modify or make more personal.



Share an action with the team, for a specific person or for yourself

Once the action is created, you can assign that action to one or several people or simply create an action for yourself. Only leaders can assign them.

When a user is on a team as an Observer, they can create and assign actions to all the members of that team, including the Team Leader.



Priority level, expiration date, progress bar

There is also the possibility of being able to assign a priority level to an action and an expiration date, so that the team can easily understand the priorities.

The Team Leader and the team can track the progress of the action thanks to the progress bar. As the members of an action complete it, a progress bar tells us the status of that action.



Notifications about actions and action deadlines

Each time a modification is made to an action, Teameq will notify all the users that have been included in said action, by email.

In the same way, when an action has come to an end, TeamEQ will notify you by email.