The welcome pack

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Monday, November 9, 2020 - 13:06

Congratulations! If you are reading this it means that you work at a company where Communication, Well-Being and Team Intelligence are key values.

At TeamEQ we will support and guide you through the On Boarding process. The below materials have been designed as support materials to share with your colleagues and help you with the implementation and success of the TeamEQ project. 

What does the welcome pack include and how can I get the best from it?

The welcome pack consists of different support materials: 


We recommend you hang this poster on a wall at the office. This will encourage communication among your colleagues about TeamEQ and remind them that the TeamEQ project is not a something you do on the web, but a cultural transformation of your team, based on open dialogue. 


You will receive by email a template of the cards, so that you can customize them with your company's logo or message. A good idea is to share the cards with several of the prospective users in order to promote conversations about TeamEQ. You can also leave them in shared areas such as the lunch room or coffee break space.