Inform the TeamMates

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Monday, November 9, 2020 - 13:15


A key part to the success of the implementation of TeamEQ in your company is the continuous commitment of your people, right from the very beginning. Just like in the overall success of your company, every person’s contribution is valuable: Project Leaders, TeamLeaders and, of course, TeamMates. Without their participation and commitment there is no data upon which to base any decision making.

As in the involvement of TeamLeaders, it is crucial that TeamMates are fully aware and informed of the importance of the TeamEQ project and its benefits, as well as understanding how to use the platform and what is expected of them. 

The best way to communicate the On Boarding Process to your TeamMates is during a face to face meeting. During the meeting, be sure they have room for their questions and concerns.

We recommend the following meeting structure:

  1. Why the company is implementing TeamEQ

Share the reasons why your company has decided to implement TeamEQ with them: e.g. to give them a voice within the organization and to allow them to express concerns, levels of satisfaction or make suggestions for improvement.

Employees will feel listened to and valued, improving the well-being and performance of the team and the company.  

  1. Their key role in the success of the Project

TeamMates need to understand that they play a key role in the success of the project. They can only benefit from the Platform if they  answer the TeamBeats,  communicate with their TeaLeader and give qualitative feedback.

  1. Anonymity: 

TeamEQ guarantees TeamMates’ privacy and anonymity so that they can express themselves freely.

  1. Launch and On Boarding Process

We recommend you share the infographic support material where TeamLeaders can see the complete process in a visual manner.

  1. How to use the platform

Here the support material of TeamEQ DEMO can be very helpful. Go through the Demo with the TeamLeaders and invite them to start using it by themselves.

We highly recommend that Project Presentation takes place during face to face meetings. Be open to answer concerns, doubts, and suggestions. 

Below you can find a suggestion for an Invitation Email:


E-mail template for Team Mates 

Subject: Introducing the TeamEQ Project


Good morning everyone,

We will soon be implementing a new tool within our organization called TeamEQ. The aim of this project is to keep on improving our communication and give you a continuous opportunity to express your opinions and thoughts. We will take this feedback very seriously and make the best decisions in real time, benefitting us all as a Team and helping us to achieve our goals.

On (date) we will activate the platform and you will receive an e-mail explaining how to sign up. From that moment on, every (time period) a short questionnaire will be sent to you with a few questions asking for your opinion on a variety of subjects.

The TeamEQ platform guarantees total anonymity for every response, so please, feel free to express yourself honestly. Your opinion is important to us. On (date) we will deliver a session on how to use the platform and share more about it with you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me regarding any concerns you may have.