TeamEQ KPI's

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 10:14

In TeamEQ we measure 4 main KPIs:

  1. Health
  2. Alignment
  3. Participation
  4. Performance


In the following article you will learn about each indicator, where to find them and how to profit from their data.



It is the first indicator you will see on the Dashboard.

The TEAM HEALTH INDEX (THI), an exclusive TeamEQ algorithm that measures your team’s well-being.

By clicking on the THI on the Dashboard, or selecting “Health Index” on the left menu (in the “Results” section), you will see the THI evolution during the selected period.


The THI summarizes our most important KPIs:

  • Alignment (second indicator in the Dashboard) 
  • Participation (third indicator in the Dashboard)
  • Team Performance, an average of the Teammates’ answers to their TeamBeats.

The Team Health Index is expressed as a simple and intuitive percentage, the colour codes will help you better understand your team’s well-being:

thi table



The alignment shows the spread in the scores given by various members of the team, i.e. it displays how different the TeamMates feel about the TeamEQ Variables.

A low percentage of Team Alignment indicates that TeamMates perceive different realities within the team. The higher the percentage, the more aligned the Team feels.

An aligned team, with a high Team Alignment rate, is a team with EQ or “emotional quotient”. Emotional intelligence is associated with our ability to recognize, use, understand, and handle our emotions and those of other people. It’s a key skill in teamwork.

You can access the Alignment evolution graph from the Dashboard and from the side menu bar (inside the section “Results”).


In the alignment section you can compare your own alignment versus your team’s.  

The evolution graph allows you to:

  1. See your own alignment over a period, your team’s alignment over a period of time and compare both.
  2. Select the time for which you want to view the evolution.

The colour of the indicator shows the team’s alignment:

alignment values



The percentage of participation is obtained by dividing the number of Team Users who have answered the TeamBeat by the number of active users in the team when the TeamBeat was launched.  

The participation percentage is a fundamental pillar, it indicates a Team’s commitment towards the TeamEQ project and their development. It also indicates, the leader's ability to influence their team and bring them all together towards a common goal. 


You can see this parameter directly on the dashboard. If you click on the image you will see the evolution graph. Here you can select the time period you would like to analyse.

The colour of the indicator indicates the team’s participation:

participation values



The performance is the average score of the TeamBeat’s variables. In order to achieve a high-performance percentage, intangibles such as engagement, empathy and wellbeing (which correlate participation, alignment and Team Health Index)

Though the value is not visible on the Dashboard, you can see a black line in the Evolution Beat. Pointing the cursor on each point, you will see the exact value on a specific date.