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Monday, January 4, 2021 - 11:52

We always recommend companies with several Teams to have a Project Leader. This person is responsible for the communication, structure and follow up of the project.

Because this person has several responsibilities across the Teams, she/he has several permissions on the platform and can manage every team (delete, add members create new teams…) from just one page.

Below you can read all the features and actions available from the page.


How to access it?

To access this page, click on the team selector in the white menu at the top of the screen and choose “All teams” (see image below).


There you will see a new menu. Select “my company” section. All the teams and users will be displayed.



How does it work?

There are 2 options, Employees and Teams.

1- People section

You will see a list of the employees that have been added to the platform.

On this section, we can:

  • INVITE NEW USERS/OBSERVERS: To invite someone to join the team just select the team (already in existence), insert the e-mail address, and click “+”. The addresses can be written manually or copied and pasted from a list.
  • EDIT A PROFILE: You can edit a user’s general information: name, surnames, age, date of incorporation.
  • INVITE TO ANOTHER TEAM: Add the user to another team and define the role of the new user within the team (TeamLeader, TeamMate or) Observer. There can be only one TeamLeader for every team.
  • PAUSE SOMEONE: You can put a member of the team on pause. She/he will not  receive the TeamBeat until you activate them again. We recommend this option when people are on Annual or Sick leave.
  • REMOVE A MEMBER: Delete a member from a given team.
  • CHANGE TEAM: Moving a Team member from one team to another. The user will receive confirmation e-mail informing them of the changes.
  • RESEND THE INVITATION: A reminder for users that have already been invited to a team but have not registered yet.

In the image below you can see all the above features and where to find them.



2- Team section

From the “Team Section” you can see, create, and manage all the teams in your company.

The possibilities are:

  • CREATE A NEW TEAM: Every time you create a new Team, you also need to add the TeamLeader, the team name and the addresses of all the TeamMates. E-mails can be typed in manually or copied and pasted from a list.
  • ACTIVATE THE TEAMS: Teams that are created remain in grey while they are “inactive”. Users will not receive confirmation and registration mail until you activate their teams.  Once you click “activate team” the invitations will be sent as well as the TeamBeat in the time period that has been previously decided.
  • SEE EMPLOYEES: is a direct access to the employee section of a specific team.
  • EDIT TEAM: here you can edit the Teams’ names, TeamBeat Periodicity, invite new members, etc.  
  • PAUSE A TEAM: members of the team will not receive the TeamBeat during the time they are paused and until they are activated again.
  • REMOVE A TEAM:  to delete a complete team from the company.


In the image below you can see all the above features and where to find them.


In both sections you will find filters that will help you to locate teams and users more easily. These filters are status (active, paused, pending, inactive…) how often, pause, team name, TeamLeader name…