TeamEQ protects your privacy

Last updated
Friday, March 22, 2019 - 12:23

Sincerity and anonymity are two key ingredients in the TeamEQ recipe. The more meditated and sincere the response to the TeamBeat, the more valuable your experience will be and the quicker improvements can be made. That’s why your privacy is our priority.

TeamEQ Protege tu privacidad.


In TeamEQ we have 3 rules created specifically to protect your privacy: e 3 rules

Rule 1a: “only you can see the personal results and your private scores, no one else has access to this information.”

Rule 2a: "Teams must have a minimum of four people in them.”

Rule 3a: "The team results, in other words the average of all the replies from team members, cannot be seen until at least 50% of members have answered.”

Answer fearlessly and enjoy the experience! You can trust in TeamEQ :)