TeamEQ communication tools

Last updated
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 13:38

To encourage the exchange of ideas and create a culture of open communication and continuous feedback, TeamEQ has created an internal communication tool.

Communication in TeamEQ, can be:

Private: just for you, as a personal notepad

Public: a communication for the whole team

One-to-one conversation between TeamLeader and TeamMate

• Messages that are not private can be Anonymous or Signed

For different types of communication, there are different tools on the platform:

  • Private note
  • Qualitative feedback
  • Direct Messages
  • Team Wall

On the TeamEQ platform you can use these different types of messages from different pages. It's actually harder to explain than it is to use it.



Private notes are compiled into a useful personal notepad to mark relevant past events in your environment / organization / team that have has an impact on TeamEQ variables. That is to say, any actions or decisions that have contributed to the improvement of the team or any other reflection on the data of the graphs. These notes are private and visible only from your account, no other user can read them.

You can write your personal notepad by answering questions 1 and 2 of TeamBeat or using the space below the TeamEQ charts, where all your personal notes are collected.

private note

Once you have written the message, you can choose the date and customize your comment using the tags: action, event or personal comment.



When a team member answers each quantitative question from TeamBeat, they are asked to explain the reasons for the evaluation given to the TeamEQ variables (see the question in the image below); In the "Feed Back" section of the TeamMate, your comments appear, and in the TeamLeader, those of all the TeamMates plus your own, which answer a different question.


The question for the Team Leader: "Why this rating? Write your notes here (Only for your Feedback wall)"

The FeedBack appears in the "FeedBack" section (within the category "Results" in the side menu) in this format: Variable + Value + Comment + User (anonymous or signed) + Date


From this page, the Team Leader can:

• Reply to the comment

• Let the person who has written the comment know that it will be considered by clicking on the "you have been heard" button

• Mark the comment as "favorite"

For an easier reading of the comments, you can use different filters.



If you don’t want to wait until the next TeamBeat to write a message to your Team Leader, or don’t want to link it to any specific variable, you can use the direct messages section, accessible from the side menu within the Team Voices category.

From this page, team members (TeamMate and Observer) can send messages to the TeamLeader. In turn, the Team Leader can send a message to any member of the team. Here, conversations can only be one to one.

When writing a new message, the Team Leader can choose the recipient, while TeamMate / Observer can choose to sign it or leave it as anonymous.

From this area, Team Leaders can receive or write messages directly to the TeamEQ Coach to get help on using the platform correctly.



The Team Wall is like a group chat for all team members. It is useful to congratulate the team, share information or opinions, make proposals, ... The messages written in this section will be shared with the whole team (including the Observers).

Once the message is written it is possible to choose to sign it or keep it as anonymous.