TeamEQ communication channels

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Thursday, November 5, 2020 - 10:20

To encourage the sharing of ideas and the creation of a culture of open communication and feedback loops, TeamEQ provides different tools and ways for everyone in the team to interact with each other.

 Communication within the TeamEQ platform can be:

  • Private: for your eyes only, just like a personal notebook
  • Public:  speaking to the whole team
  • One-to-one dialogue between TeamLeader and TeamMate
  • One-to-one dialogue between Coach and TeamLeader
  • All private messages can be sent anonymously or signed

Depending on the context, you can speak to your team through different channels: 

Here’s an explanation of  where to find these tools. You should find it quite intuitive once you start using it!



We recommend using Private Notes like a diary where you can note down important moments that have had an impact on the team, especially those that can affect your team’s variables, like the actions you’ve taken, interesting data or just your thoughts… These notes are private and only visible on your account. No other user can read them.

You can write a Private Note answering the questions 1 and 2 of TeamBeat or using the space below the TeamEQ graphics, where all your Private Notes are located. 

Once you’ve written the comment, choose the date and mark it as an action, event or comment. 

private note

You can also mark the date of that note and tag it: action, event, or personal comment.



You can find the “Feedback” option in the “Communication” field (on the side menu). Use this option to send instant feedback to the TeamLeader.

Click on “Send new feedback”, write your message, choose the variable it corresponds to (optional) and send it to the TeamLeader.

new feedback

Your opinion and feedback are the essence of TeamEQ and it’s what allows you to keep progressing. That’s why we encourage you to use this option and often as possible

When doing a TeamBeat you also have the option of providing feedback (message).

The different feedback formats are: Associated variable, Score given to the variable, User (anonymous or signed) and Date sent.

As a TeamMate, you can view the feedback you sent to the "Feedback" section.

As a TeamLeader, in the Feedback section you will find all the collected feedback from your TeamMates. This is a very useful resource to help you take the right decisions to help your team to keep moving forward. That’s why we recommend encouraging your team to use it, either by responding to the message or, at least, clicking on the “I hear you” button. 

As a TeamLeader you can:

  • Answer the comment
  • Let the person who wrote the comment know that it will be taken into consideration by pressing the “I hear you” button.
  • Tag the comment as “favorite

You can use the date filters to find the comments more easily. 



The  “Direct Messages” section is accessible from the side menu in the “Communication” section. Here, users can send messages to everyone in the team as well as the observer/coach. All the conversations are one-to-one.

TeamMates can choose between writing an anonymous message or signing it with their name.



The TeamWall is like a group chat for everyone in the team.

Here you can congratulate TeamMates, publish an inspiring quote, write down relevant information, make a suggestion… Or anything else you want to share with your team!

The TeamWall can be accessed by TeamMates, the TeamLeader and the Observer.  

You can also choose to publish anonymously or by signing your name.

team wall