Multi-team section

Last updated
Wednesday, August 19, 2020 - 12:17

There are users that lead, supervise or observe several teams simultaneously.

For them, we have created the multi-team section, a place where TeamLeaders, Observers and Coaches can see all their teams at a glance.

To access the Multi Team section, go to the white menu at the top of the screen and choose "All teams" (see image below).

all teams


Once you have click there, a new side menu will appear with the option “multi team”.

On this section, you can access the historical or the current beat (see image 1)

  • Current Beat: is the TeamBeat that is currently being answered.
  • Historical: the results of all previous Beats (excluding the current Beat) T


You can also decide which teams you’d like to compare (image 2) and the period (image 3).

You can also compare (image 4):

• The average of the selected teams.

• The average of the company.

• The TeamEQ Benchmark.

The TeamEQ Benchmark is a useful parameter that indicates the average value for a specific variable of all teams in the TeamEQ Platform.  This allows you to compare your results not only to your own Teams, but also, to a wide variety and diversity of teams that are also integrated in TeamEQ.