The launch team

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Monday, November 9, 2020 - 13:08

As a Project Leader you are the person responsible for launching TeamEQ and making it a success…but you are not alone. Teamwork is always more productive. For example, did you know that in most cases it only takes 10% of the people involved to make a change or launch a project?

That is why we highly recommend you create a “launch team”. This is a team with colleagues that will promote and encourage the use of the platform among everyone.

Creating the Launch Team.

Who among all your colleagues can best support you with the project? In every group and organization we can find 3 different types of profiles:

PROMOTERS:They are the “muscle” of your company, the people who transform and row in the right direction. They like change and are willing to help if you involve them. You can recognise them because of their energy and positive attitude.

DETRACTORS: These people are constantly criticizing (without offering solutions or alternatives) and drag the general moral of a team down. It is important to spot these individuals and make them aware of the negative impact of their  behavior on the whole team.

PASSIVES: We can find most of our employees in these groups. They can be strongly influenced by the promoters and detractors’ attitudes.

We recommend you start focusing on the Promoters: make them an active part of the success of the project. Step by step, the passives will join the project.

You can involve the promoters by:

  1. Organizing a meeting to introduce them to TeamEQ to answer all their doubts and concerns. Explain to them that they are an important part in the success of the project.
  2. Share the support materials provided by TeamEQ with them.

Below you can read a sample email to your promoter’s team:

Hi Fred,

We are launching a new project called TeamEQ, “The Team Intelligent platform” and we would like you to be part of the launch Team. Please, take a look at this video TeamEQ and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming meeting that will be held on the day - / - / - at - / - at

See you there!



We suggest you follow this Agenda during your first meeting with the launch team:

1. Scope of the meeting

Share with them the reasons why the company is embarking on this new project and how important their active support is.

2. Explaining the TeamEQ Platform

We recommend you use the support materials "TeamEQ, The Team Intelligence Platform" video; the "TeamEQ Demo" video and the "Launch Presentation".

Also, share your thoughts and experience with the platform.

3. The Launch Process

Think together about how to communicate the new Project to all the people involved. Remember to introduce in your communication strategy all the support materials that TeamEQ has provided to you.

4. The Stages of the TeamEQ experience

The “TeamEQ Process” infographic shows all the different stages of the On Boarding Process.

5. Closing the meeting

Empowering the Promoters and thanking them for their active participation is a sure win in the successful implementation of the project.

Change takes time and commitment…but all the hard work totally pays off!