Guide - Talk about the results

Last updated
Monday, November 9, 2020 - 13:56


Remember: TeamEQ is a Team Analytics platform designed to increase Trust, Well-Being and Performance in your Team.

In order for you and your Team to benefit from it you need to actively participate in the project: Answer all the TeamBeats, look at the data and analyze it, discuss the results in your Team Meetings, foster communication on the TeamWall and always answer the direct Feedback, etc.


We recommend you share the results with your Teams, taking into account the following considerations:


1. The Why

When you share results with the Team members it gives them the message that they are a key part of the company and that their opinions are being heard.

It also fosters transparency as results are shared independently, whether the variables increase or decrease.

Introduce the “TeamEQ talk” in your meetings as a regular topic and the use of the Platform as a regular Tool in your Team’s communication.


2. Transparency

Transparent Communication fosters trust among TeamMates and the TeamLeader and increases the feeling of cohesion and personal satisfaction. Of course, there is always sensitive information that cannot be shared.

In the TeamEQ Platform, TeamMates do not have access to the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) though TeamLeaders do. It is for you as TeamLeader to decide whether you would like to share this info with your team.


3. Communication channels

Whilst sharing the results, the way in which they are shared with collaborators is important.

Good leaders pay attention not only to the to the “what” but also the “how” they share the information.

In the TeamEQ Platform you can communicate via TeamWall or Via Individual messages by answering the direct feedback (anonymous or signed) that you receive.


4. Sharing TeamBeat’s Results

In our experience, the best moment to share the results with your Team is during your Team meeting. There is a perfect moment to open a space for transparent communication, talking about the ups and downs of the results and agreeing (as a a Team) on the steps to overcome specific challenges.


5. Periodicity

The TeamBeat’s Periodicity and its communication can be customized to your Team’s needs and reality.

At the beginning of the project we recommend a regular fortnightly periodicity.

Remember that answering the TeamBeat takes less than 3 minutes and the information gathered and displayed is incredibly useful for you to understand the real situation of your team.