Current Beat

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019 - 11:25

The Current Beat is the snapshot of the last TeamBeat that shows the average result of the team compared to your results, detailed for each variable. You can access this graphic by clicking on the "Weekly average" box in the Dashboard or from the side menu, within the "Results" category. The orange bar shows the average results of the team, while the violet bar shows your personal results. For example, the first orange bar is the average of all the team's responses for the "trust" variable and the first lilac represents the value you have given to "trust" answering TeamBeat.

Remember that only you can see your personal results. But aren’t you curious to see if your results aligned with your team’s?

weekly beat

In the graph you can:

  1. Choose the date you want to see the results for.
  2. Choose to see the comparative data between your vision and the team average (as in the image above) or see the scatter chart (next image).
  3. Select what indicators you want to see in the chart:
    • My results (you)
    • The average results of the team (Your Team)
    • The highest response that any member has given to each variable (max)
    • The lowest response that any member has given to each variable (min)


The dispersion graph shows the the distribution of the answers of your team for each variable. The chart helps to clarify how we have defined “the team average” and to understand how much variation there is in the team members’ answers.


Reading the graph and interpreting it is very easy, it is only necessary to answer several fundamental questions:

  • Are we misaligned in one or more variables? Which ones? Why?
  • Have I given very low values ​​(av. <3) or very high values ​​(av. value> 6) to one or more variables? Why?
  • In comparison with the results of the team, do I have very low or very high value variables?
  • Are there variables in which we are misaligned as a team? Why do they have a maximum and minimum value so far apart?
  • Are there variables with very low minimum values (values 1-2)?
  • Has anything changed since the last TeamBeat?
  • Did I expect these results?


Here is a practical test: What do you see in this Current Beat?


example wb