Answering the TeamBeat

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Welcome to TeamEQ!

Initial concerns that arise when first using the TeamEQ platform will most likely be related to the questionnaire. What are the questions? How many are there? What do they mean? Why these questions?

You’ll find the answers in this section!

Let’s start from the beginning…

TeamBeat® is one of the main tools within TeamEQ. It is an online test with questions of a varying nature that gathers data from the team to help to manage it in real time.

Everything you need to know about TeamBeat®

  1. It is a test to be completed periodically.
  2. The week it is due in, an e-mail message is sent to the team.
  3. The responses are totally anonymous. No one can access anyone else’s replies.
  4. They can be done in 5 minutes.
  5. The questions are always the same in order to be able to measure the state of the team using a scientific method
  6. The test is made up of 12 questions that analyze the organization’s working environment

Of the 12 questions:

  • 3 are open and optional (you can write a textual answer) and focus on individual reflection, providing an opportunity to share ideas and thoughts with the team.
  • 9 are closed (with an evaluation scale of 1 to 7 points, in order to remove any association with “academic qualifications”) and measure TeamEQ’s 9 key variables: Confidence, Team Motivation, Personal Motivation, alignment with a Common Objective, Effectiveness, Commitment, Wellbeing, Harmony and Personal Satisfaction.
  • For every one of the closed questions, you can explain the reasons behind your evaluation to your TeamLeader by choosing the Key Areas that best describe the variable and by adding a Feedback message (as you can see in the image).
  • 4 times a year there are two questions on TeamBeat about the Employee Net Promoter Score. These measure the probability of employees recommending their company as a place to work to family or friends.

Do you need to know more? Take a look at the article  “The TeamBeat questions”.

Why these questions and not other ones?

TeamBeat® is the result of more than two years of work on design and article analysis from: scientific literature, interviews and focus groups with TeamLeaders, client satisfaction surveys and the periodic TeamBeat message sent to our users.

The results show how reliable the test is (Alfa de Cronbach > 0,9) and show that all of the chosen variables are related to the performance of the team and corporate health.

Why evaluate the key areas?

The evaluation of key areas (namely the 79 sub-variables divided between the TeamEQ variables) was added after users requested it in meetings, focus groups and client satisfaction surveys.

The topics address the need to look more deeply into the specific reasons behind the user’s choice of scores for the different TeamEQ variables. A more detailed knowledge allows the TeamsLeaders to act more specifically and effectively on any team issues that may arise.

The key areas that TeamEQ calls Topics, are the practical application of decades of support work that our experts have given to organizations and research contained in the most important works of classic and modern scientific literature on the psychology of work. In the event that none of the topics address exactly what it is that the employee wants to express, the user can add a personalized topic that will be written and evaluated in TeamBeat. 

Why measure eNPS?

The Employee Net Promoter Score measures the probability of whether a worker would recommend his/her work place to a friend or family member.

It is an indicator that first came up in the marketing world but has since become important in organizations because it makes a quick and easy estimate of how loyal employees feel towards their company by using one simple question.

At TeamEQ we believe that it is essential to provide this measurement in order to give real time support to management and evaluate the satisfaction/loyalty/happiness of the personnel and avoid any increase in turnover.