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Friday, March 27, 2020 - 10:55


If you want more information on how to use the TeamEQ graphs and analyze the results. You’re in the right place!

Here we will help you understand how to get the most out of the different options the platform has to offer.

TeamEQ is the first “SMART” online platform to analyze and improve team performance by measuring intangible variables. Its effectiveness is based on a unique and innovative methodology that begins with a simple questionnaire: TeamBeat.

TeamBeat is a regular test (fortnightly, monthly…) that all of the users receive and that they can answer in under two minutes.

TeamBeat results are shown in real time using these graphs:

  1. The Dashboard is an intuitive space that lets you access all of the TeamBeat results and show the key KPIs for each team: health index of the team, participation, alignment and performance.
  2. The Current Beat, is a snapshot of the results from the last Beat.
  3. The Evolution Beat, is a general vision of all the variables and their trends over a period of time.


The results can be commented on by using various internal communication tools: The Team Wall section the Inbox section, the area for personal notes, alongside the conversations started when TeamBeat is completed in Feedback. 

For users that need it, there is the MultiTeam section which they can add to their platform that is a solution designed for anyone supporting /managing more than one team and allows him/her to see the results of all of their teams on one page and compare them quickly, as well as looking at an aggregate and a benchmark with the company.


Do you want to know more about the TeamEQ platform?

  • All of the users receive the same test.
  • Everyone sees the results with a total respect for privacy.
  • The whole experience follows a methodology that is organized in progressive phases.

Why can’t things get better in one day! In order for it to last, the change has to be gradual and structured. By doing it this way, the TeamEQ phases help the team to learn how to improve step by step thanks to the practical, clear, and objective-driven support.

Are you ready to start?