How to create and activate the teams

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Monday, December 28, 2020 - 12:12

Below we will explain how the ProjectLeader can create and introduce the different Teams in the TeamEQ Platform. As a ProjectLeader, creating the Teams is one of your first Tasks within the Platform.

It is really easy! You just need to go to “My Company” and follow the steps below:

How to access the page

To access the page, click on the team selector button in the white menu at the top and choose “All of the teams” (see image)











A new menu will display. Here select the “My Company” option.










How to create a new team


In the above image we have highlighted 3 areas: A. B and C.

In Section C you can see "People and Teams". Click on Teams. A new screen will be displayed (see image below). 

On the right hand side of this screen you will find the button “create new team”. Click on it to create your first team.




You will be asked whether you are or not the TeamLeader for the Team. Choose the appropriate answer. Remember the differences between each of the TeamEQ Roles.

If you are not the TeamLeader, you will have to add the TeamLeader's email. 



You will be required to add: name of the team,  TeamMates'  emails, and the desired TeamBeat periodicity (weekly, fortnightly, monthly…).

You can introduce emails manually or copy and past from a list. Once all of the e-mails are added, click on the button “+” to add the TeamMates and then on the button “create” to finish. During the process, the Team remains inactive, so TeamMates will not receive any communication from the Platform. Once it is set up, the team has to activate it.


You can also decide to activate any Team. Just clik on "Activate" (see image below). Now, the platform will automatically send out invitations to the Team's members.

Once they have registered, they will receive their first TeamBeat (on the agreed data)



Once they have answered their first TeamBeat, the Team creation process ends and the Team can fully interact and benefit from the TeamEQ Platform. 

Repeat the above process with all the Teams that will be part of the Project. We recommend creating all of the teams first and then activating them by clicking on the button “activate all”.

To find out more you can read this article: “Manage your company


Enjoy the ride with TeamEQ!