Guide - How to boost participation

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 16:45

TeamEQ is a tool that gives employees a voice so that, by taking into account their opinions, the company is able to make more informed decisions.

So that the information is a reflection of everyone’s opinion, it is crucial that the teams register a high Participation index (over 75%) something that is not always easy to achieve. TeamEQ’s practical Guide aims to help teams obtain the highest rates of participation possible.




Why would employees not participate?

There are several reasons why members of a team might decide not to participate in TeamBeat. It might be because of how a member thinks the information will be received and how the information that they give to the survey will be managed.  Everyone will want to share information if they see that there is a genuine desire to listen and learn from the information being gathered.


How can I get my team to take part in TeamBeat?

In a democracy, when political elections have a low turnout rate this may mean that the people are skeptical that their vote will count for anything and that it will have little impact on who becomes the next government. That is why we talk about the importance of not only gathering information, but also using it to take decisions that will affect employees positively.

From TeamEQ we want to share some advice on how to get your team to share opinions in an honest and consistent way.



When you talk to the team about a tool like TeamEQ, we can present it in two ways:

  • As a task, explaining that its purpose is to gather data and feedback. From the company’s point of view, it might be the case, but that is not the way that an employee should perceive it.
  • As a tool that can empower employees and give them a voice.

As a communicator, you should explain to your team that they will form part of a common objective: to make your company a fantastic place to work. They should see the surveys as a way of having a voice within the company and improving the team, not as something that is being set up to control people and simply gather opinions and feedback.

Moreover, you need to convey that there is a genuine desire to hear how they are really feeling, not what they think the company wants to hear and to try to improve things where necessary.



It is common, when analyzing the team results that users tend to focus on the scores of the variables and how they have changed, whether they voted for them or not. However, it is crucial to talk about Participation too, otherwise the resolve of the teams may start to weaken.

It is really important to congratulate all the employees for their efforts and participation, since without participation there is no information and without information it is very hard to act.

Bear in mind that a fall in participation is simply a reflection of what the TeamMates are thinking.

You can express your thanks via messages on the Team Wall, in team meetings or by actively responding to the feedback that your team sends you via the surveys.

Another key action that can encourage Participation is the sharing of Participation data from each TeamBeat within the company. You can do this by using a physical or virtual table that shows the participation results of every team in the company. This creates a healthy and transparent level of competition between the different teams that will help to boost the Participation percentage.



When using the TeamEQ tool, the objective is not the gathering of information (although this is also key), but defining what to do with it. Whether it be responding to internal messages or making decisions based on the information obtained, it is crucial that the team sees that the data gathered by TeamEQ is use to create concrete actions.

For this reason, when proposals from the team come in, they have to be evaluated and studied. It is possible that some of these measures might take some time to plan and carry out, so it is advisable to share this process with the employees so that they know their proposals are being evaluated.

It is also possible that some of them are not feasible, but where possible, it is also advisable to let the team know that this proposal has at least been considered. In order to keep track of the actions being undertaken by the team you can use the menu “Team actions”. By sharing your team’s actions they can see that progress is being made as a result of their opinions and this helps to keep them interested and encourages them to continue participating in the surveys.


In summary…

3 steps
  1. Explain to the team that by using TeamEQ they are being given a voice and can be a part of the company’s decision-making processes.
  2. Regularly thank the team for its participation in TeamBeats ad share the company’s Participation results.
  3. Gather the data obtained, reflect on them and then act accordingly. When possible, share the decisions taken in order to encourage transparency and comment on the feedback.