How do I resend a registration invitation?

Last updated
Monday, January 4, 2021 - 12:39

When you create a Team, users receive a registration email. A user is active and enable to receive the TeamBeats only after confirming their registration.  

As a TeamLeader, we recommend you check that all your Team Members have registered. On the “Settings - Team Settings” page in the left side menu of the platform, you will see your Team Members. The word "Pending" on the status column shows that a user has not completed the registration.

Just click on the word “Pending” and select the pop-up window to resend the invitation to that particular user.



On the “My company” section, you can resend invitations to all those users who have not registered yet.


To access it, just click on "All teams" buttons (see image below).

In the "Employees" section you will see all users with a  "pending" status. Just click on the button and the Platform will resend the registration email to the users.