How do I resend a registration invitation?

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Monday, August 19, 2019 - 14:42

As a Team Leader, it is important that you ensure that, when you create a new team, the members that have been invited to take part of it register as soon as possible in the TeamEQ platform.

If you enter the “Settings - Team Settings” page in the left side menu of the platform, you will access the list of all the users that are part of your team. If the word "Pending" appears in the status column for one or more users, it means that this person has not yet completed the registration.

If you want to resend the invitations, click on the word “Pending”and select the pop up window that will come out asking you if you want to send a new invitation to that user. If you confirm this action, the user will receive a new invitation to register in TeamEQ.



If you have access to the “Manage my company” page, you can resend the invitations to all those users who have not registered yet.

To access, go to the "All teams" page, as you see in the image.

todos los equipos

Once inside, in the "Employees" section you will be able to see if a user has a "pending" status. By clicking on the button indicated in the image below, the registration invitation will be send out again.