Explore the DEMO

Last updated
Monday, December 28, 2020 - 11:19

After your registration we recommend you answer your first TeamBeat and watch a Demo video. 

You can watch the Demo by following the steps below: 

1. Go to app.teameq.net

2. Click on the upper part of the screen, in the drop down “Companies” menu, select Demo Company and in the drop down “Team” menu select DEMO TEAM. 

The Demo Team allows you to navigate through the platform as if it were a real team. However, remember that all the content, users and comments have been created specifically for the Demo and do not belong to any real examples. 

The Demo Team is a fantastic resource for TeamLeaders and ProjectLeaders to show their colleagues how TeamEQ works.  

By clicking on “TeamBeat Preview” (in the “Configuration” tab, on the menu on the left) you can find the TeamBeat. You will see that the questionnaires for the TeamLeader and the TeamMate contain the same questions.

Once you have looked at the TeamBeat, we recommend you go to the Dashboard, the main graphs (Current Beat and Evolution Beat) and the different communication tools.

Remember that, since it is a DEMO team, the questionnaire that you and your team have completed is also fictional and will not appear on your real teams.