The eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score)

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Monday, August 17, 2020 - 10:01

The Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) indicates the probability for a person to recommend their team or company as a place to work to a friend or relative.

This indicator was originally used in marketing departments, to show the probability that a customer qwill recommend a specific product. Nowadays, it is widelu sued in companies and also shows an estimate of the employees’ loyalty to the company.

In TeamEQ we ask your Team 2 different questions that indicate a) your team's eNPS and b) your company's eNPS.

eNPS team: "On a scale of 1-10, how much would you recommend working in your team to a family member or friend?"

eNPS company: "On a scale of 1-10, how much would you recommend working for your company to a family member or friend?"

The eNPS is calculated by dividing the answers into 3 groups:

Detractors (1-6): these employees probably are demotivated and feel disconnected from their Team and/or the organization. These feelings reduce their performance drastically and they have a high change to become toxic employees. In many occasions they might share their toxicity and negative feelings and thoughts about the company with their colleagues, negatively influencing the rest of the team, mostly the “passives” colleagues.

Passives (7-8): these employees are satisfied with their work and their team and feel OK in the company. Their involvement and performance is “adequate”. Overtime, they might become detractors, if their negatively influenced or their satisfaction slightly decreased. Also, it is easy for them to join the “promoters” club, if adequate influenced and listened to.  

Promoters (9-10): They are totally committed to their team and/or organization and feel proud to part of it. Their commitment often exceeds expectations and increases the productivity and morale of those around them. It is important to support and feed a healthy net of promoters within the team and company.  

The eNPS indicates the ratio of the team’s/ company’s promoters vs detractors. The number can range from -100 (if all employees were detractors) to +100 (if all employees were promoters).



The eNPS is a valuable tool to evaluate employee satisfaction and avoid increases in employee’s turnover, as well as maintain a healthy work environment.

TeamEQ launches these 2 questions in a 3 months periodicity as part of the regular TeamBeats. You will see your eNPS 4 times a year.

Only Team Leader and Observer roles will have access to the eNPS results. To access the page simply click on "Employee Net Promoter Score" in the side menu within the "Results" category.

The page is divided into 2 sections: eNPS team (evaluate eNPS team) and eNPS company (evaluate eNPS company).

On both pages you can:

1. Have the eNPS definition always present.

2. Select a period of time to show the results.

3. See the evolution of the eNPS, the number of promoters, passives and detractors and participation rate over time.

4. The dispersion page will allow you to dive into the results looking at the number of promoters, passives, and detractors

5. Know the average value of the same indicators within a specific period.

6. See the date for the next eNPS questions.

7. Check your eNPS status.