Coaching Zone

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Monday, November 2, 2020 - 10:58

The Coaching Zone is a space dedicated to developing leadership skills and encouraging the personal and professional growth of TeamLeaders. 

It’s the place where Coaches, Consultants, Mentors and TeamLeaders  share information, ask questions, start conversations and learn the skills that will help them to become better leaders.  

Every TeamLeader can include one or more people to accompany them and each coach, consultant or mentor can accompany one or various TeamLeaders. All communication in the Coaching Zone respects the privacy of all participants, which means that the messages are only visible to those involved in the conversation.

When writing a message, choose the addressee (when you have more than one option). 

coaching zone

You can access all the communications in this section. All searches can be filtered by date or addressee. 

As a coach, consultant or mentor you have the opportunity to share resources with your  TeamLeader directly in the message, whether they are resources from the TeamEQ Academy or other material.

aggiungi risorsa

To recommend a resource, press “add a resource”.

Search for a specific subject to help your leader and find the right resources. The link to the resource will appear inserted in the image that accompanies your text.