The On Boarding process

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Friday, December 18, 2020 - 10:03

Welcome to TeamEQ 


If you are reading this it means that you work at a company where Communication, Well-Being and Intelligent Teams are key values. Congratulations!

TeamEQ is an Intelligent Team Analytics Platform that helps you to monitor the well-being of your teams by listening to their thoughts, worries and feelings in real time. It provides actionable data that helps leaders to understand real time situations and take customized actons for each specific scenario. 

In this article we will guide you through the On Boarding phase. The process is simple and quick. It can take around 2 days if you and your team are engaged and committed to it. If you need more time for the implementation process, it can also be done over several weeks. TeamEQ adapts to your needs! 

The On Boarding process is a fundamental step for the successful implementation of TeamEQ and to increase the level of engagement and participation of your teams. 

The On Boarding process has several objectives:

  • Communicate about TeamEQ, explain the reasons your Company is implementing it and the benefits for Employees.  
  • Specific Training on how to use the platform and take advantage of all its features. 
  • Set up of all the Teams in the Platform that will participate in the TeamEQ Project. 

In the image below you can visualize the above steps: 


1. Kick-off

During Kick-off, a member of the TeamEQ Customer Success team will get in touch with the person heading up the project within the company: the Project Leader. The TeamEQ representative will brief the Project Leader on the entire process and resolve any doubts he/she has. It is made up of two steps:

In this phase, our TeamEQ Client Excellence Team will contact your Project Leader, introduce her/him to the OnBoarding Process, share some tips and answer all the questions. During this phase: 

  • The Project Leader will receive a Welcome Email with an Infographic and added info on the On Boarding process.
  • After receiving the Email, TeamEQ will set up a video-call with your Project Leader to guide her/him through the whole process, share some tips and answer all the questions. 

2. Implementation

The implementation is the next step after the On Boarding has been successfully completed. The objectives here are:

  • Thorough training for the Project Leader about the Platform. 
  • Inform and train all future users of TeamEQ and explain why the company has decided to implement it and train them to optimize their use of the platform.
  • Training the prospective users (TeamLeaders, TeamMates and Observers) on the platform. Purposefully Communicate about  the reasons your Company is implementing TeamEQ and how they will benefit from it.
  • Set up of the different Teams in the Platform that will participate in the TeamEQ Project.

During the Implementation Process, the Project Leader will receive support materials that will guide her/him through the process. TeamEQ highly recommends that Project Leaders are familiarised with each document before the interaction with our Client Excellence Team so that she/he can take full advantage of the meeting. 

2.1 How TeamEQ works

After having participated in the Kick off, the Project Leader will be familiarized with all the info material so that she/he can train the rest of the users within the company on how to use the TeamEQ Platform. 

The info material contains: 

  • A link to the On Boarding process: a direct link to this article.
  • The infographic: a graphic that shows the On Boarding process in a visual and straightforward way.
  • Video - TeamEQ, the Team Intelligence platform.
  • DEMO video: In this Video we explain TeamEQ, its values and features and how to best benefit from the platform. We recommend you share this Video with your colleagues, as part of their training. 
  • TeamEQ roles: an article where we explain the roles and their different approaches and uses of the platform. 
  • Guide – The structure of the teams: Guide to how to create the most effective Team structure.

2.2 Sharing the knowledge

Once the Project Leader is familiarised with the above material, the next step is sharing the knowledge with the TeamLeaders, TeamMates and Observers (if applicable).

The recommended steps during this phase are: 

  • Utilize the Welcome pack as a guide
  • Create a launch team (optional)
  • Purposefully Communicate to the TeamLeaders
  • Thorough Training of  the TeamLeaders
  • Purposefully Communicate to the TeamMates
  • Thorough Training of  the TeamMates

Recommended support material: 

  • The welcome pack: in this document we explain how to best benefit from all the support material. 
  • An explication of the launch team: a guide to the benefits of creating a Launch Team and tips on how to do it. 
  • Launch presentation: presentation to support Project Leaders and TeamMates presenting the project in a meeting or in an e-mail attachment.
  • Video - TeamEQ, the Team Intelligence platform.
  • DEMO video: In this Video we explain TeamEQ, its values and features and how to best benefit from the platform. We recommend you share this Video with your colleagues, as part of their training. 
  • Inform the TeamLeaders: A guide for the Project Leader on how to communicate & train the prospective TeamLeaders. 
  • Inform the TeamMates: A guide for the Project Leader on how to ensure a successful communication between TeamEQ and their collaborators.

2.3 Kick off

The next step of the On Boarding occurs after all users have been trained on how to use the platform. During the Video Call between our Client Excellence Team and the Project Leader, she/he will learn how to use the  “Manage your company” feature and create all the Teams.

The support material includes:

Team creation video call

During this call, our Client Excellence Team will guide the Project Leader on how to set up the company and create the teams on the platform. The original Teams created during the Kick off will be revised and set up. We will also share an article on how to manage your company teams on the platform.  

Activating the teams

This is the last step of the On Boarding Journey.

Once the  teams are activated, the participants will receive a registration email. Users need to complete and activate their accounts in order to receive their first TeamBeat.

Remember to set a launch date so that Teams can be activated on the platform.